1. I think it’s good to take a decision like that. Teacher is in a way a passion, and once you lose that passion, that excitement at the beginning of a new year/semester, it’s brave to recognize that. I will be glad this school year will be over soon, as I need to regroup. I cannot seem to find and translate the motivation needed anymore, but I still love the job.
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  2. Wishing you good luck on your career journey! It’s great that you had the courage to admit to yourself that it wasn’t for you. Some people waste years and years of their lives trying to squelch down those feelings. I’m on my second Master’s. My first “job” as stay-at-home mom didn’t work out too well after my 17-year marriage collapsed. That was pretty devastating for me–I had always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Instead, I had to hustle to get my Bachelor’s, then a Master’s only to realize that a psychology Master’s degree isn’t worth too much (think Liberal Arts). I’m 47, but I’m enjoying the process. I wish the same for you (enjoyment of the process that is!).
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    • There’s nothing wrong with taking time to follow your bliss Nicole. It gets questioned yes but it’s part of everyone’s journey. Thank you for commenting! Best of luck to you as well!

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