5 on Friday 4.18.14

Happy Friday luvs! I’m linking up with Darci over at the good life blog, Natasha over at Hello!  Happiness, April over at A. Liz Adventures and Christina over at Carolina Charm for 5 on Friday!

Five Things that are making me happy for this week are:

1.  Design Seeds Website

I’m in the process of redesigning my blog and am obsessed with this website.  It has a different arrays of palettes to choose or pin and I could spend hours on this website.  I’m really not sure how I am going to choose my next color scheme for this space of mine but here are a few ideas that I like:

FloraHues_24 StreetBrights

Via Design Seeds 

2.  The 30 Day Fitness Challenges.

This amazing website gives a wide variety of 30 day fitness challenges to help get you in shape!  You can choose a target area or my personal favorite, The Little Black Dress Challenge.  They even have video demonstrations of all the moves so you get them right!



3. The Wunderlist Phone App.

This amazing phone app helps organize all your shopping and to do lists in one place. Even better? Your spouse or roommate or whoever can sync in and add to the list as well!

4. Spring Break

My spring break was this week and I was so thankful to have some great times with friends! I went to Asheville all day on Wednesday and hung out with a few good people last night at our favorite bar! I’m a bit sad to return to work next week.




5. Easter!


Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh fun app. I’m totally going to download it! Thanks!!

  2. I’ve been using Wunderlist for a few months and I really like it lot. It supplements my paper planner perfectly! Happy Easter!
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