Boston Belle-A Hook


Below is a hook of something I have been working on for a while.  I am not sure what it will exactly turn into, but I’m excited to share more of my heart and writing on here.  Enjoy!

She applied her MAC lipliner in Spice followed by a light application of her favorite lipstick, MAC Viva Glam II in the women’s bathroom in Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport.

Her life was far from the perfection she once thought it was, but at least she could try to look the part.

Her big brown eyes that hadn’t changed in 34 years reflected back at her. These past four months has shifted her in such a way that she sometimes didn’t recognise herself.

As she waited to board the flight back to North Carolina, her heart felt a different pull than it did when she was traveling back for Thanksgiving.

She was comfortable and happy with her new life in Boston.

Copyright © 2015 Adrienne Pomeroy

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Finish Strong

Sometimes you have to work for things.

And it isn’t easy.

You find yourself questioning everything and wanting to tantrum like a 5-year-old who didn’t get her way.

Except, you’re nearly 35 so that would be unacceptable.

My second semester of graduate school has a been a test of endurance, brain power and self-esteem.

And it will be completed by Monday.

The learning curve this time around has been frustrating, important and exhilarating all at the same time.


A year ago, I had already made the decision not to return to the classroom and was waiting for decisions about graduate school.

In fact, I hadn’t even applied to Simmons College yet.

Because I had resigned to the fact that it was out of reach, the dream school.

I thought I was supposed to remain in North Carolina.  And every day I miss the simplistic beauty of the mountains, the small town sweetness and, of course, my friends.

But then the rejection letter came from my alma mater.

I was crushed, and I didn’t know what to do.

So I just decided that maybe I was supposed to stay in North Carolina.  I would attend grad school at the local college and nanny for some neighbors.

But something pulled at me, and I found myself emailing the contact I had in the Graduate Admissions office to see if I could still apply for Fall.

In a whirlwind of a 2-week period, I did.

As June came to an end, and I was very unsure of things, I checked our mail as I did every day.

But that day, it felt different.

And as I stood in the middle of our street, reading the words over and over…

It is fine candidates like you who are at the center of our task.




So here I am almost done with my first year at Simmons.

1,000 miles away from where I thought I should be.

And working every day to finish strong.