What’s in My Work Bag?

If you followed me for a while here, you know that my move to Boston a year ago has given me such a full plate!

I work full time, go to grad school and stay busy with several other things.

My days are often long and packed and I need to make sure my work bag is full of essentials to get me through.



Bag:  The essential bag for any city slicker, a messenger bag!  I love the versatility of this bag and that it has plenty of space.  Looks great with every outfit too!

Beauty Items:  Tucked away in my Pink Beauty bag are my favorite lipstick, pressed powder and lip gloss.  A girl can never be too prepared!

Water Bottle:  Hydration is essential when you are busy gal like me!

Finally, all this running around can make a girl hungry so thank goodness for Nestlé® Crunch® bar !  I always carry around one with me particularly on my long days.

The crunchy, milk chocolate hits the spot always and allows me to have a fabulous day!

What’s in your work bag?

Make sure you include Nestlé® Crunch® bar!

Be sure to check out the Nestlé® Crunch® bar to see how you can liven up your daily adventures!