Step Up and Ask


People often wonder why I’m bold and outspoken.

My answer to that is simple, “I got tired of waiting to be asked what I Wanted.”

Instead, I sought it out and asked for it.

Women are often socialized to ask “nicely” for everything that they may want in life or even wait around to be asked if they want certain things.

As I’ve gotten older, I realized that I was becoming more insecure if I wasn’t asked.

You know that ugly feeling of not being wanted or included.

Until one day, I realized that I was missing opportunities not because I Wasn’t being asked but because I Wasn’t asking.

So I began to step up.

Sure, the answer hasn’t always been “yes” but a “no” can present just as much opportunity as a “yes.’

I’ve raised a few eyebrows along the way but overall the response has been positive.

I used to be so afraid and letting go of that fear has been liberating and good for me.

Step out of your fear and just ask!

You never know where that “yes” or even that “no” will lead.

Do you step it up and ask?

{Book Review & Giveaway} Summerlandish: Do as I Say, Not as I Did

Happy Monday!

I am thrilled to share with you a review of a wonderful book called Summerlandish: Do as I say, Not as I Did.

I decided to vlog this review because I loved it so much!

You can find out more about Summer Land on her website and buy yourself a copy!

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